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HayaPay® – Payroll Management System

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HayaPay ® – Payroll is a SaaS cloud application built on top of Zoho Creator platform. HayaPay® enables small and medium size business to process employee’s payroll efficiently, accurately and effectively.

·         HayaPay ® allows the payroll processing team calculates the monthly payroll in few minutes
·         Payroll team can submit payroll for management approval and get it approved online
·         Management can approve payroll wherever they are and avoid salary deposit delays
·         Payroll team can submit payroll files to the bank and process payments remotely
·         No need to print any document that keeps your payroll data secure from any unauthorized access
·         Payroll processing team will not be able to change any data in the approved payroll
·         You can generate payroll reports per company, department, sub department, project, and  location
·         KPI Dashboard shows you the analytic of your payroll over time for monitoring and future improvement

Try it now from Zoho Marketplace from here
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Construction Field Management System

Software Development Projects

This application made for construction business to manage and control the field activities. The field engineers, supervisors, and foremen access the system to enter the real time field activities. The system manage the materials, time sheets, production, involved labours, and the cost. The application is also monitor the performance of material consumptions. In addition to KPIs dashboard, reports, and many other features. This application accessible from the web, tablets, and smartphones.


Quote Auto-Generator

Software Development Projects

Quote Generator is a system that built to enable internal sales team and external customers and partners to generate quotations. The system is fully automated to apply discounts based on specific criteria set by the system Admin. Many approval workflows implemented to direct the quote approval to the appropriate user based on many conditions.  The application is bidirectionally integrated with Zoho CRM.

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Lead Management System

Software Development Projects

Lead Management System retrieve leads from email server. Automatically detect leads based on some pre set-up  criteria. The system manage leads, classify, qualify, and allocate them to the appropriate user. The system also include a user friendly dashboard that provide at the glance high level KPIs for management visibility.



Property Management System

Software Development Projects

Property Management System – Manage Properties, Tenants, Contracts, Leads, Open House, Maintenance, and Booking Schedules. The system sends automatic reminders, with a user friendly Dashboard. In addition to comprehensive reports, KPIs, and statistics. The application is integrated with QuickBooks Online to map the account receivables and customer payments.

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