NetJeek Launched its platform in Libya

NetJeek Launched its platform in Libya

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Since the beginning of Haya Solution Inc., we have been dreaming of the day when we will transfer our expertise and knowledge, we gained from North America to serve our people in our Arab homeland.

So, we had the opportunity to work with Dokan Tadawul Solutions Ltd. on the NetJeek project. What increased our enthusiasm is that the project’s first goal is to remove the difficulties that Libyan citizens face in freely experiencing electronic shopping from global markets, due to the difficulty of electronic payment in local and foreign currencies and the difficulty of delivering goods to Libya first and to the consumer’s doorsteps secondly.

We have worked with sincerity, dedication, and perseverance for 3 years, using the latest electronic and global logistical technologies to put them in the hands of the Libyan consumer and user of Netjeek. We will continue to work to remain the latest and most secured platform in the region, simulating advanced global systems and platforms.

We would like to thank Dokan Tadawul for providing the opportunity for Haya Solutions Inc. to harness its expertise to be a part of this great event. We would also like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this work from Haya, Hosni Bey Group, Dokan Tadawul Solution Ltd., Al Mawkaa for services and e-commerce, Tadawul Economic Solutions Company, and Al-Madar Al-Jadeed Company. Without all your efforts, we would not have reached where we are today.