Your Ultimate Guide To ERP Systems

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An Integrated Business Processes May Not Ring the Bell for You, Well…
You typically would have salesforce team communicating with prospects over many channels, such as emails, phone calls, chatting, etc.
Also, you may need to empower your sales force with a marketing team that would plan campaigns over many channels as well.

Your business maybe retail, healthcare, service, supply chain, anything you can imagine… you -or your accounting team-still need the ability to manage financials, assets, invoicing, billing, cash flow, etc.
You would need to manage your employees’ time to achieve the best resources utilization ever, that would require a way to easily manage HR including payroll, vacations, recruitment, insurance, etc. As your business keeps growing, you keep hiring more people to manage distribution, procurement, production and customer service, you would also need exposure to the internet by e-commerce, but… You need the power of centralized, one source of information and integrated clean data, which has never been easy without ERP systems.

Haya Solutions is Pleased to Announce its Partnership with Oracle-NetSuite

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Haya Solutions NetSuite Alliance Partner

As we are always committed to our customers to offer the state of the state-of-art and robust solutions; we have signed a partnership agreement with Oracle-NetSuite #1 Cloud ERP Worldwide.

Haya Solutions is Oracle-NetSuite Certified Alliance Partner since June 2018. By including Oracle-NetSuite to our offering portfolio; Haya can extend its scale of its customers to include Enterprise Businesses in addition to offer solutions to more sophisticated business processes.

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