Haya Solutions Inc. - MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT. ZOHO APP CREATOR Keeping track of your business progress while being away, is a dream to come true. Our mobile application development services will provide you with implementation of features specially tailored for your business requirements.

Zoho App Creator

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Zoho AppCreator helps you build mobile apps for your workers on the road, employees in the office, or customers around the globe. Create apps from scratch or connect them to your existing cloud data.

Use your app on any mobile device. Your app is automatically available for download in Zoho AppBox, which you can get in the App Store, Play Store, or Windows Store. Alternatively, export your app as .ipa or .apk files.


  • Cloud-based mobile apps.

    The data your apps collect gets stored in the cloud, so you don't have to worry about losing it.

  • Rapid mobile app development.

    Create your app using pre-made components without any expertise in complex programming languages like Objective C, C#, Swift, or Java.

  • Mobile apps for business needs.

    Set up workflows, rules and schedules to cater to your business's needs. Get automatically notified of recent developments and make decisions on the go.

  • Cross-Platform apps.

    Keep your development costs low. Build your app once for every platform: iOS, Android and Windows. It will work on any mobile device including phones and tablets.

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Create a mobile interface for your cloud apps like Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator and Salesforce. Import data from your spreadsheets to make an app and let your team access it on the go.

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