Haya Solutions Inc. - ZOHO PEOPLE | Secure employee data. Zoho People simplifies your leave management process. You can record and monitor all types of leave across your organization: vacation, training, sick days, etc. You can also analyze absence patterns to maintain efficiency and reduce lost time. ZOHO MOTIVATOR

Zoho Motivator

Why Zoho Motivator ?

- Surpass your sales targets.

- Improve your game.

- Gauge your success.

- Energize your team.

- Empower personal improvement.



    Drive increased revenue with contests that keep your team motivated and focused. Dashboards, real-time analytics and scorecards help you identify opportunities for improvement.


    Making sales is the ultimate goal of your business and your team achieves this goal with a sharp focus. Create contests that let you focus on the right behaviours that generate more revenue.


    Quotas arenot fun, but contests are. Engage your team and use Motivator TV to showcase their performance on a TV or a projector.

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Smart dashboards

With Motivator dashboards, you know exactly how your sales team is performing. Dashboards are like windows to your sales data. All your organizational objectives and performance measurement metrics are on one central page, granting you instant visibility.

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